I’m me

I’m more then my sorrows,

more then my problems.

I’m more than the tears,

I’m more than depressions.


I’m full of thoughts,

full of ideas,

full of laughter,

and full of dreams.


I made mistakes

that cannot be undone.

Even though I regret them

cause something dear

now is gone.


But the future shines bright

and I’m on my way

off to find new lands.

And on the way

to find me.


Cause I lost myself

as I lost my friends.

I found some parts of myself

within these new lands.


I cannot return

to what once was dear

but I don’t turn and run,

no, I won’t flee.


I did it before

cause I was afraid

of the fight.

But nothing good turns out

if your choice is flight.


So I’ll battle myself

and the darkness in me

with few chosen friends

who’re still with me.


I hope to defeat

all the darkness in me,

to conquer the voice

that’s been talking to me.


Leading me down

a long road to hell

through utter despair

and left me to dwell


On sorrows unnumbered

on pains unnamed

to battle the beast

that can barely be tamed.


But tamed it is now

although with great loss

so now I can go

cause I’m my own boss.


No one to tell me

What to do or to feel

I’ve got it all in me

To make a new deal.


To change what I’ve got

And what I can do

Cause I’ve got it in me

As thou have it in you.

15.4.10 14:28


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Hase (2.9.10 22:44)
Schön. I like!

Eva M. (3.9.10 13:47)
I'll try to help you
to find your way
I'll help you to drop
all stones away
I'll help you to see
the sun behind clouds
the smile on the faces
of all friends arround.
And if you need a shoulder to cry
so call me everytime, don't be shy.
My arms are open
to hold you tight
untill the sun will shine on you bright.

Kisses and hughs Mom

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